About the Aggarwal & Gupta Family Foundation

Foundation History: Rooted in Family

Multiple generations of Aggarwals and Guptas have a shared commitment to family—a global family where we are all connected, regardless of nationality, religion, status, or geography. As members of this global family, we have always had a strong desire to give back and contribute to the community in whatever ways we could.

We are drawn to causes and organizations that focus on helping people achieve their highest potential with access to education. We are bringing awareness and asking people to join us and come alongside us to contribute.

The Aggarwal & Gupta Family Foundation empowers people of all ages to achieve their highest potential by supporting access to pathways for lifelong education and wellbeing.

Our efforts became more focused when we established Park Square Homes in 1984, an independent residential homebuilding and resort development company headquartered in Orlando, FL. Profits from the sale of every Park Square home allowed us to create the Aggarwal & Gupta Family Foundation and use those funds to raise awareness of worthy organizations that are working to generate a significant, positive impact in people’s lives.

Core values

Our core values provide a guiding framework to help ensure that the Foundation’s decisions and actions are always aligned with our mission and vision.

We believe that everyone in the world is part of one big family, and as members of that family, we are committed to raising awareness of the needs of others and generating support to change their lives. 

We are a caring organization that listens to the needs of others and takes action to uplift people’s lives.

We serve to be a source of awareness and an example that motivates individuals and organizations to act on behalf of others. 

We work with others to achieve what would not be possible to do alone. We think and act strategically so that our collective effort can leverage the greatest amount of positive change. 

We always adhere to the highest standards of honesty, respect, ethics, equity, and morality. We will not make promises that we cannot keep. We abide to do what is right and act in the interest of the greatest good, even in the face of adversity.

Focus & impact

Since 2000, the Aggarwal & Gupta Family Foundation has invested more than $10.5M in the futures of people and families throughout Florida, India, and around the world. We direct our donations and advocate support to organizations that provide access to education, wellness, and housing.


Invested in the futures of people and families

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partner organizations throughout the us, India, and the world

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